Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our sweet little Dax showed up at the finals in his singlet and boots ready to wrestler. Or maybe just yell really load for Kaleb!!! We love you Daxtyn.

Academic Allstate

Jed and I have always made it very clear to our boys that their education does come first. We have expected them to do the best of their ability for both of them this is caring a 4.0. They have both work very hard to keep this up there has been a few bumps in the road but they always knew what was expected. Branson has carried a 4.0 in junior high this year and has worked very hard. Kaleb has been able to carry a strong 4.0 all throught his high school career. This is a very hard thing to do. But it does pay pay off he recieved the Academic Allstate award (this is only awarded to seniors). Only 10 boys received this award in 4.0. The average gpa for these boys was 3.9. Kaleb was the only boy in the finals.

Our STATE champ 145Lbs

MY Family

I have always felt that friends will come and go in your life but your family will ALWAYS be there for you. I love my family more that anything. Wreslting is a very hard sport to come and support, not like a football game or baseball when you come and watch for couple hours and its over. Well wreslting is a all day thing. Long long days of hard bleachers then a few minute for a match then hours of waiting for the next match. Well I cant even start to tell my parents and my mother in law, how much it meant to have tham there at the state tournament. They stuck it out for 3 long days. The rest of our family also came to watch, they were all there for the finals match and a few very close and wonderful friends- (you know who you are). It really meant the world to all of us to have your support. Thats what familys and freinds do!!!! THANKS SO MUCH. It was so crazy after Kalebs match everyone started leaving and I didnt get family and friend in pictures. Dang it. Well I have learned I will know what to do when Bransons there.


So Friday, what a day. I really felt good inside going into the championship match, kaleb had had a tremendous year in all areas, he has grow up alot in his wrestling and has had alot of confindence which is so needed in wreslting. I felt that even if he didnt win he had done a amazing job! (They are so not going to like that but Im the mom). Back to friday, so my only concern about this match was that for years Kaleb has beat this kid, he did beat Kaleb once in other years. But as for this year we wrestled him at the very start of the season and he beat Kaleb, we never got to see him again until the state tournament. So this made me nervous. But he we go. Kaleb had that confindence about him going into the match. Kaleb wrestled amazing and so incredibly smart. He won 4-2. My calm and collected kid showed his emotions on the mat with a very proud lifting of his arm, he ran over to his so very proud father for a very long and tearful hug. This is were i lost it, I have no pictures of this moment because I couldnt see in my camera for all the tears of joy. I have alway been very proud of both my boys but at that moment, it just over took me. A feeling I will never forget and cant even start to explain.
CONGRATULATIONS KALEB!!! All your hard work, dedication has payed off for you. I know you will always do good in life from what you have learned as a wrestler.

I know im going to be in trouble by the serious wrestler in my life because these pictures are out of order but sorry.

Utah State WrestlingTournament Feb 10-12 2010

semi finals match

So the state tournament finally got under way. On Wednesday Kaleb started off great winning all of his matches. Ive never thought of myself as superstitious but Jed is very very superstitious. So I didnt want to talk to much about how things were going because I didnt want to jinx things, (crazy I know). There was so much on the line for Kaleb being a senior, also if he does win the title him and his father will be the first, father son dual to be state champs at SF High. No pressure right. So wednesday end on a high note we come back on thursday for our semi finals match and kaleb has a kid who is a freshman, very good wrestler. Kaleb has beat him all year so we know he is going to be coming hard at kaleb. Kaleb also knows how this works when he was a freshman he beat out the mighty senior. His words were I knew how that felt and I wasent going to let the tables turn on me. Well again we come out on top. So onto friday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

On to Sectionals, Vernal Ut.

So kaleb had won region and now we go onto sectionals which is the entire lower section of the state, the upper part of the state was also having their sectionals. Kaleb did Awesome. He also won Sectionals.

Bitter Sweet Season

This has been a bitter sweet season, it being kalebs senior year. Im so incredibly proud of him. he started out this year with some major goals not that he hadent in the past but this year was differnt. He was so mentally focused and deteremind to meet his goals. As the mom thats awseome but also so hard because in wrestling anything can happen. Well Kaleb met his goals and MORE! Kaleb won region and recieved the OUTSTANDING WRESTLER AWARD. There is only 2 OW awards a lower weight and a upper weight these kids are also choosen by the coaches of all the teams in the region. What a honor.

Our 4X Jr High State Champ!!!!

Junior High State Tournament Roy, Ut.

Branson 2009-2010 season started off with a bump, breaking his 2 fingers the first day of practe. Well after 6 long weeks of healing, he came back with avengence. He was so ready to wrestle. He place 1st ot the Bee Hive Brawl, he only had 1 lost all season. That was more than he wanted.

Branson start of wrestling season

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Kaleb had his first tournament of the year. It was the Layton Invitional, at Lyton High school it was a 26 team tournament so it was hugh. They had 32 man brackets. This tournament was some of the best 4-5A teams in Utah. Kaleb had a great tournament. He took 5th. Its only going up from here. Way to go bud!

Both my boys are very lucky, our families are very supportive no matter what they do.